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Վերցնել 1 – հատկանշվում Graham Ezzy

[ 0 ] Ապրիլ 7, 2013 |

AWT Riders Kevin PRITCHARD եւ Graham Ezzy միասին այս հիանալի տեսանյութը.

Kevin PRITCHARD վերջին sport կարճ հատկանիշները Graham Ezzy վինդսերֆինգի եւ MAUI, Hawaii. Այստեղ է GRAHAM-ի վրա աշխատել Kevin:

“Kevin PRITCHARD ունի 8 վինդսերֆինգի աշխարհի վերնագրեր եւ նաեւ ֆիլմեր մասին վինդսերֆինգի. Լինելով առարկա իր վերջին սպորտի կարճ, «Վերցրեք 1", makes me one of the happiest pro windsurfers on and off the water.

When Kevin showed me the first edit, I got goosebumps (or as they say in Hawaii: chicken-skin). It was surreal to see one of windsurfing’s heroes making a short about me. Some of my earliest memories of watching windsurfing events involve seeing Kevin boost 50 feet in the air before rotating into a delayed forward rotation. Or, when I was 16 and competing as the youngest pro on my second year of the professional windsurfing tour, KP added yet another world title to his collection.

Being filmed by a legend has benefits beyond the cool factor. Windsurfing is one of the hardest sports to film, according to every filmmaker I have ever worked with. The first take is the only take. Each wave breaks differently than every other wave. Framing can’t be planned but must be improvised. The strong winds vibrate the camera and the long lens required to keep a tight frame on the windsurfer half a mile out to sea.

There is only one take for every shot. If that take is blown, the whole shot is gone.

When nothing is planned, having an 8x world champion behind the lens makes a difference. He can read me as I read the waves, anticipating my maneuvers. It’s like a dance to an unfamiliar song with a familiar partner.

KP doesn’t have to imagine what its like to jump 50 feet into the air or drop into a 50 foot wave at jaws. He has done all that and more. When I take a foot off my board during a back rotation, I know that he was the first one to do it, winning a world title off that jump in 2002.

And even with Kevin’s skill, shots still get missed. By some version of murphy’s law it seems that the best moves escape capture and must live forever as a memory. Making a short like this, even just 4 minutes in length, takes a few months of filming.

My favorite part of Kevin’s edit is that it feels really honest: the feeling it gives reminds me of what it is like to be on the water.

Music: “Bullet Trainby Stephen Swartz Ft. Joni Fatora

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