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SUP航行規則日 2 AWT的的哈特拉斯波果醬

[ 0 ] 九月 14, 2012 |

這次比賽是在澡堂網站, Frisco的鎮正南, 第二天的比賽. 再次風任何加熱過輕,但沒有保住美國滑浪風帆遊過的水. 首先登場的是一個有趣的四隊中繼競爭對手游泳, sail or paddle offshore around photographer/videographer Kevin Pritchard and back to shore before tagging a teammate. With a water temperature here in Hatteras at around 80-degrees (the pros commenting that it waswarmer then Maui”) everyone had a blast taking part in this fun event.

To take advantage of the steady 7-10 knot side-offshore wind and knee to waist-high waves Head judge Andy McKinney made the brilliant call to run a SUP wavesailing contest. It was announced that the prize for the winner would be a Chinook Pro-1 Carbon boom and 32 competitors immediately signed up and where scheduled into heats by a random draw. This was going to be a serious wavesailing contest but on SUP boards! Most of the first round was completed before the tide came up too much for the waves to break consistently. A few of the favorites to win the Chinook boom include Fabrice Beaux, 凱西 “Reef WarriorTrichler, 基思·麥卡洛克, Kevin Pritchard and Ian Stokes.

After the full day at the beach everyone headed over to Fox Watersports in Buxton for epic pulled pork BBQ with coleslaw, icecream cake and a tasty keg of beer. It was the perfect way to end a fun day at the beach. We are hoping the upgraded wind forecast for day 3 shows up and we’ll be able to switch into the main competitionfingers are crossed!

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