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SUP Sailing Day aturan 2 di AWT Hatteras Gelombang Jam

[ 0 ] September 14, 2012 |

Kontes didirikan di Bath situs Gedung, tepat di sebelah selatan kota Frisco, untuk kompetisi dua hari ini. Sekali lagi angin terlalu ringan untuk setiap memanaskan tapi itu tidak menjaga tur Amerika Selancar Angin dari air. Pertama atas adalah yang menyenangkan estafet empat tim di mana pesaing harus berenang, berlayar atau dayung lepas pantai di seluruh fotografer / videografer Kevin Pritchard dan kembali ke pantai sebelum penandaan rekan satu tim. Dengan suhu air di sini di Hatteras di sekitar 80-derajat (pro berkomentar bahwa itu “hangat kemudian Maui”) semua orang ledakan yang mengambil bagian dalam acara ini menyenangkan.

Untuk mengambil keuntungan dari stabil 7-10 knot side-offshore wind and knee to waist-high waves Head judge Andy McKinney made the brilliant call to run a SUP wavesailing contest. It was announced that the prize for the winner would be a Chinook Pro-1 Carbon boom and 32 competitors immediately signed up and where scheduled into heats by a random draw. This was going to be a serious wavesailing contest but on SUP boards! Most of the first round was completed before the tide came up too much for the waves to break consistently. A few of the favorites to win the Chinook boom include Fabrice Beaux, CaseyReef WarriorTrichler, Keith McCulloch, Kevin Pritchard and Ian Stokes.

After the full day at the beach everyone headed over to Fox Watersports in Buxton for epic pulled pork BBQ with coleslaw, icecream cake and a tasty keg of beer. It was the perfect way to end a fun day at the beach. We are hoping the upgraded wind forecast for day 3 shows up and we’ll be able to switch into the main competitionfingers are crossed!

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