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Tuesday June 18th- Sunday June 23rd:
Windsurf Contest at Pistol River State Park
Windsurfing skippers meeting will be held each morning at 10am at Pistol River State Park unless otherwise posted on front door of Inn of the Beachcomber.

يوم الاثنين, June 17th:
Stand Up Clinic & Demo Day at The Inn of the Beachcomber
6-7مساء: Check In/Registration at the Inn of the Beachcomber.
7مساء: BBQ and Keg Beer for competitors and staff. Community invited. $12 for BBQ

الثلاثاء, June 18th:
11am SUP Clinic with Bernd Roediger at Pistol River State Park
Plya Del Sol: Mention you are a competitor for discount

Wednesday, June 19th:
Sea Star/Sea Sat for dinner mention you are a competitor for discount

Thursday, June 20th:
Manfia Buff in the Rush building for all you can eat pasta

الجمعة, June 21st:
Pascal Hardy movie Premier at local Church, dinner at Plya Del Sol

السبت, June 22nd:
Dinner and Awards at the Curry County Fairgrounds 8pm
BBQ and beer followed by awards, prizes and raffles. Music by Luke Mathison’s band Moon Spoon

الأحد, June 23rd:
Complete contest. Remaining awards presented at the beach. Go to dinner at Vista Pub if you are still in town.

*Dinner is provided for competitors on Monday and Saturday nights

*Wednesday June 18th- Sunday June 23rd:
SUP Inn of the Beachcomber Gold Beach Challenge in front of Inn of the Beachcomber each morning depending on conditions.