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וועגןפּלאַןטראַנספּאָרטאַטיאָן / אַקקאָממאָדאַטיאָנסוועטעררעזולטאַטן

פּלאַן פון געשעענישן

Wednesday June 13th
Curry County Fairgrounds:
5-7pm Competitor Check In
7-8 pm Dinner with Music from Pistol River Trio

Thursday June 14th-Sunday June 17th
Pistol River State Park
*Daily Skippers meeting on the beach at 10am unless noted otherwise on Official Notice Board
*Competition will run all day as conditions allow

Sunday June 17th
מיטאָג און אַוואַרדס בייַ די קערי קאָונטי פאַירגראָונדס 20:00

מאַהאַלאָ ספּאָנסאָרס