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Santa Cruz Stoke Video

[ 0 ] فوریه 29, 2012 |

Brawzino talks about the Goya Windsurfing Festival in Santa Cruz

نهر Waddell, site of the Santa Cruz Goya Windsurfing Festival, flows near the Northern Santa Cruz county line. It’s directly off HWY 1, about 20 minutes north of Santa Cruz, and an hour south of San Francisco Bay. With the reliable Northen California wind machine cranking 5.0-4.5 steady side to side onshore winds, Waddell offers a punchy set of peaks that is perfectly suited for jumping and waveriding alike. It was first sailed by Kevin Mitchell and Barbara Ockel in the late 70′s on slightly modified stock Windsurfers. It’s proximity to both the Bay Area and Santa Cruz, as well as being one of the best waves around on a south swell allowed further progress and interest. Waddell has in the past hosted a huge international event, the 1983 Hang Ten World Cup, و شهرت آن در دهه 80 به عنوان نقطه wavesailing برتر در سرزمین اصلی به دست آورد, با چند رقابت های ملی موفق برگزار شد از 1985-2000.

2012 Schedule of Events Santa Cruz

چهارشنبه ماه مه 2ND
درمانگاه / روز نسخه ی نمایشی
در تمام طول روز Waddell ساحل
ثبت نام / ورود به در در Roadhouse داونپورت 6-7 PM
شام رقیب 7-9 PM

پنج شنبه مه 3RD یکشنبه 6th
رقابت در Waddell
پرتاب کنندگان نشست هر روز صبح در 10:00 AM می باشد

یکشنبه ماه مه 6th
مراسم اختتامیه
Location and Time to be announced

دسته: سانتا کروز کلاسیک, فیلم استوک سیتی, فیلم

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