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Santa Cruz Day 3

[ 0 ] Juny 2, 2013 |

Brawzinho guanya el 2013 AWT Festival Santa Creu Goya Windsurfing
Marcilio "Brawzinho" Browne va aconseguir la seva primera victòria de l'ona, prenent el primer esdeveniment de l'American Windsurfing del Tour de l'any ... i el que un esdeveniment increïble que era per donar inici a la 2013 gira. Cap jutge Keith Teboul cap en un concurs ple de doble eliminació durant tres dies amb una quantitat increïble de l'acció. Anem a entrar en alguns dels detalls del que va passar perquè el pugui veure el increïble que aquest esdeveniment realment era.


Un pilot en aquest esdeveniment va aconseguir quatre moviments molt difícils que ningú més al certamen fins intentar. Això va preparar aquest genet, a part de prendre la $1,000.00 premi a la millor jugada, which could have been any of these. Who was the rider? Marcilio “Brawzinho” Browne of course! What were the moves? First, you’ve probably already heard about all the Double Forwards he stuck cleanly. Second, his massive one-footed and one-handed Back Loop help him to victory in a tough heat. Third, his Air Chachoo at the end of a heat was simply incredible. Finally, the freestylers out there will be impressed by his Taka Diablo—a Taka with him finishing by ducking the sail behind his head! Congrats to Brawzinho for pushing the limits of wavesailing here at Santa Cruz and earning this award and prize money.


The Double Elimination bracket allows all sailors a chance to comeback in the competition and improve their ranking or possibly take it all. Els dos mariners que van prendre avantatge d'això més que qualsevol altres van ser Kevin McGillivray i Ferdinando Loffreda. Tots dos van començar el dia empatats a 13 amb Loffreda moure tot el camí fins al novè i McGillivray a la 8. Avançant a través del suport doble vol dir que has de navegar molt i Camille Juban trobat el seu desembarcament ranura ajustat Loops empenta i passejades ones elegants pels seus cinc sèries avançar la seva posició per quart general de la competència.

L'eliminació doble acabar amb batalles de cap a peus contra cadascun dels finalistes del suport individual. Juban derrotar per estret marge Morgan Noireaux en la primera mànega d'home a home guanyar el dret a admetre a Bernd Roediger. Juban estava en ratxa i va avançar a desafiar Levi Siver en els quarts de final pel 3er lloc. This was a super close heat with Siver taking out Juban with his Wave360 as the heat came to a close. Both had big jump scores with Siver sticking a nice one-handed Back Loop and Juban nailing a tweaked Push Loop. The semi final saw Brawzinho get a nice one-handed Back Loop while Siver struggled to find his jump early. Brawzinho seemed to start every wave with a new-school Backside 360 and linking it with some nicely connected turns down the line. Siver was throwing buckets of spray and hitting some nice aerials in tough conditions to keep the heat close. Siver finally got his jump, a one-handed Back Loop, with 30-seconds left in the heat, but it wasn’t enough as Brawzinho had better scores and advanced to meet Kevin Pritchard in the final.


The final heat was extended to 14-minutes giving ample time for max scoring two waves and one jump. Pritchard looked to be struggling a bit in the lighter conditions while Brawzinho seemed to be spinning down the line scoring big. Pritchard did manage to find some nice waves and a solid Back Loop but it wasn’t enough to overtake Brawzinho’s jumps and his wave ride with a Taka Diablo. So they had to sail again.

Pritchard looked a lot more on his game in the re-match. His riding was powerful with big hits and some nice aerials. He hit a big one-handed Back Loop and was looking good to take the title. But Brawzinho looked determined nailing an insane Air Chachoo and some incredible new-school wave rides. In the end Brawzinho took it. Congrats to Brawzinho, the AWT Santa Cruz Goya Windsurfing Tour Pro champion!


The first round saw Sam Bittner ripping up her waves to take the heat and Fisher advancing riding one of the biggest waves of the day. Up next they ran into Miho Tanaka and Sarah Delaunay. Tanaka was on fire hitting some aggressive lips while Delaunay picked off some big set waves allowing both her and Wylde to advance to meet Fiona Wylde in the semi final. With only one rider advancing to the final, Wylde was on fire hitting some aggressive lips and earning the right to battle Ingrid Larouche for the title. Over the next few contests expect to see these two women match up in some heated battles. Larouche’s experienced shone through with her scoring the best wave of the heat and her clean Forward Loop made sure she defended her title. Congrats to Ingrid Larouche, the AWT Santa Cruz Goya Windsurfing Tour Womens champion!


Action was intense across all the divisions for the double eliminations. Riders took full advantage of their second chance to improve their standings. The amateur final came down to a Simmer Style battle needing two heads of Reed Nelson versus Jerry McKay. Both these guys scored some epic wave rides but Jerry McKay’s absolutely sick Back Loop gave him the title.

The Masters final also took two heats with defending champ Brian Caserio up against Ferdinando Loffreda. Caserio scored better in the rematch but it wasn’t enough to match Loffreda’s vertical hits. Congrats to the new champ.

Davenport Surf Sail owner Joe Ray sailed a strong second heat giving him the Grand Masters title for the event. Ray obviously knows the break as well as anyone can finishing ahead of Steve Roy, Bruce Dilbeck and Andrew Cunningham.

The youth final came down to Casey Rehrer against Fiona Wylde. Both looked very strong but Rehrer slashy style and bigger jumps gave him the crown over Wylde.

Special thanks to Wind-NC for donating a nice portion of the prize money here at the 2013 AWT Goya Windsurfing Festival in Santa Cruz. It’s great to see a shop from the east coast supporting the tour in such a big way. Check them out online at vent

Also helping out with prize money are Olivia Jenkins, Jaipal Tuttle and MFC.

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