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Santa Cruz Day 1

[ 0 ] 五月 31, 2013 |

感谢您的耐心 直播. 我们遇到技术上的困难,并努力解决方案.

AWT Santa Cruz Goya Windsurfing Festival… Day 1 行动
“ 2013 美国滑浪风帆巡回演出拉开序幕的风格与动感十足的第一天,在圣克鲁斯戈雅的滑浪风帆节日在沃德尔溪举行. 上午晚些时候风拾起足以让业余分工正在进行,午后的膨胀完全建成赞成出来显示自己的东西. 让我们来看看一些亮点.


PRO预赛 - 圆形 1
为了给对手充裕的时间来展示自己的最好的一个跳跃移动,两个骑波头法官基思Teboul设置长度为14分钟的热, 这被证明是完美的呼叫. 戈雅滑浪风帆节卫冕冠军列维SIVER (夸/戈雅) 早在热火设置栏 1 他的签名的一组波调整忍者踢. 凯西豪瑟也垫付这个热量登陆一个很好的返回回路及某些固体波乘坐. 预赛 2 和 3 不叠集波,但绝对堆放着天赋. 凯文 - 普里查德和Bernd洛蒂格各自赢得了他们的预赛启Katchadourian和泰森差的也在推进.

突然, 一切都改变了热火 4 如果有人打一个开关和涌浪开始抽过. 摩根Noireaux了他slashy尚未光​​滑波的风格和大回环路热. 弗朗西斯科戈雅还先进的垂直波与他的命中和大跳跃动作.

本次活动的第一个真正的令人瞠目结舌的时刻来到热火 5 马西利奥的“Brawzinho”布朗坚持一个巨大的双管正激. 他热了胜利与拉斯罗特也在推进一些伟大的波游乐设施和大型返回循环. 该轮的最后热了AWT的 2013 总冠军卡米尔番胜负前夕布赖恩·梅特卡夫 - 佩雷斯, 与既帆船固体热.

PRO预赛 - 圆形 2
Action was intense with the three-man heats of round 2. First up was Siver winning the heat with Metcalf-Perez also advancing by edging out Faurot by the narrowest of margins. Browne was at it again absolutely sticking another Double Forward early in the heat and racking up some nice rides en route to another heat victory. Morgan Noireaux also advanced taking second knocking out Francisco Goya. Roediger took the next heat over Pritchard with Poor being knocked out of the single elimination. The final heat of round 2 saw Juban racking up a nice jumping score on a tweaked-out Push Loop with Katchadourian also advancing over Hauser.

We are looking forward to some great semi-final heats today with Siver up against Roediger, Noireaux and Katchadourian and Juban taking on Metcalf-Perez, Browne and Pritchard.

It was a solid day of Amateur wavesailing action on day one of the 2013 戈雅滑浪风帆节. Standout riders posting victories in both rounds one and two included Jerry McKay, Reed Nelson and Jonny Poore. The jumps and rides from these guys were incredibly solid and we’ll see if the other Ams can step it up enough to overtake them. The final heat of the day was won by Marc Bitoun who is looking like he is definitely up for the challenge along with Eric Wallace, 布雷特格林, Jordan Reid and Casey Rehrer.

女性, Masters and Grand Masters Divisions
Ingrid Larouche was back defending her Santa Cruz title and put on a strong showing of Loops and wave rides to advance from her heat along with Miho Tanaka. Tanaka won the Hatteras Wave Jam last year and is sailing well. The other heat saw Sarah Delauney putting together some incredible wave rides to take it just ahead of Fiona Wylde who also advanced.

A stacked fleet of 18 masters (45 and older) took to the water to show us their best jumps and rides. There was only enough time and conditions to get through the first round, but standout winners of their heats included Dana Miller, 阿提拉西奥多, Gerritt Rutgers and defending champ Brian Caserio. Also advancing to round two were MacRae Wylde, 费尔南多Loffreda, Marty Rosse and Rich Wilde.

The group of four Grand Masters sailed a competitive heat with Bruce Dilbeck taking the round just ahead of Joe Ray, who owns local shop Davenport Surf Sail.

Words by Pete Dekay Windsport Magazine, photos by Mike Archer AWT







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