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蓬聖卡洛斯, 下舉辦世界級方休波帆船, 衝浪, SUP-, 放風箏, 山地自行車和其他沙漠探險運動真正下多運動休閒目的地. 位於坎普在PSC SoloSports 275 英里以南的聖地亞哥, 在一個僻靜的質樸的沿海沙漠,雄偉的高山台地藍色的太平洋加州. 蓬聖卡洛斯是眾所周知的,其溫和的海浪喜愛波水手開始利弊. 更大的挑戰是為那些誰渴望一個更令人振奮的波航海經驗的點和世界著名的辣椒碗. 有無數的帆船點,保持愉快的經驗.

你的主機在PSC SoloSports探險假期. SoloSports一直提供客房服務PSC超過 25 年,並提供最終​​蓬聖卡洛斯經驗. 他們的坎波對海洋的邊緣,提供豪華露營住宿,鋪有地毯的停機坪上, 由專業烹飪人員編制本地美食, 冷凍瑪格麗塔和我們自己的土著祭酒 - 下霧託管酒館. 客戶服務包括豐富的演示齒輪部門具有EZZY帆, RRD的, 戈雅 & 誇和熱水淋浴. 一個友好的, 有用的獨奏工作人員提供指導,以及那些在所有體育設施,使一個難忘的假期體驗. 提供運輸服務由SoloSports通過私人飛機從聖地亞哥到營地或陸路運輸通過教練車. ,由於蓬聖卡洛斯經驗就是這樣過來的空前, SoloSports已經創造了一句“你只是不知道, until you go”.

“Punta San Carlos is a south facing beach making it the perfect summer spot. Swells generated in the southern hemisphere are most active from May to October. Although it’s virtually impossible to second guess Mother Nature, it is predictable that July/August can usher in premiere surf & wind conditions. It is not uncommon to have consistent winds of 18-25 mph during this time making the contest period the perfect venue for a competition.”

-Words by Clark Merritt

SoloSports 提供一個特殊的 $1,650.00 價格在本週的比賽,包括所有的食物和飲料 (我們吃的像國王). 飲料包括啤酒, 酒, 精神, 雞尾酒和我們的世界著名的巴哈霧. 所有的玩具,如衝浪板, 站起來槳板, 皮划艇, 山地自行車,將被納入. 每間得到的是一個豪華的迷你艙帳篷,滿載墊, 枕頭和新洗的睡袋. 每日熱水淋浴, 網際網路, 和使用遊戲室, TV / DVD, 台球桌, 飛鏢, 桌上足球和圖書館也可. 您可以添加從聖地亞哥飛往營 $650.00 那些想升級.

A quote from Head Judge, 基思Teboul
So for me the event in Baja is close to my heart because it is where I learned to wavesail.
Going to HighSchool in San Diego made it an easy shot to hit San Carlos. Any chance I got I would go. We would pack all our stuff and head down for 2 週.
This was before SoloSports so there wasn’t anything. You would sleep under the stars….sail all daymake your dinner and pass out and do it allover again the next day.
So peaceful out in the middle of nowhere.
To now come back and have everything taken care of is even more special. You get to be part of group and enjoy some good times together.
I’m really looking forward to going back this year judging and competing……..”

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