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Сан Карлос 2014

ЗаРаспоредТранспорт / СместувањеВреметоРезултати


Punta San Carlos, Baja hosts world class side off wave sailing, surfing, SUP-ing, kiting, mountain biking and other desert adventure sports truly making it Baja’s multi-sport recreation destination. SoloSports Campo at PSC is located 275 miles south of San Diego, California in a secluded pristine coastal desert setting where majestic mountain mesas meet the blue Pacific. Punta San Carlos is well known for its mild surf making it a favorite by beginning wave sailors to pros. More challenging is the point and world famous Chili Bowl for those who crave a more exhilarating wave sailing experience. There are a myriad of sailing spots to keep the experience a pleasant one.

Your host at PSC is SoloSports Adventure Holidays. SoloSports has been providing guest services at PSC for over 25 years and offers the ultimate Punta San Carlos experience. Their campo on the ocean’s edge provides deluxe camping accommodations on a carpeted tarmac, local fare prepared by a professional cooking staff, a hosted cantina featuring chilled margaritas and our own indigenous libation – the Baja Fog. Guest services include a well stocked demo gear department featuring EZZY sails, RRD, Гоја & Quatro and hot showers. A friendly, helpful Solo staff provides coaching in all sports as well as those amenities that make a memorable holiday experience. Transportation is provided by SoloSports via private plane from San Diego to the camp or land transportation via coach van. Because the Punta San Carlos Experience is so over whelming, SoloSports has coined the phrase “ you just don’t know, until you go”.

“Punta San Carlos is a south facing beach making it the perfect summer spot. Swells generated in the southern hemisphere are most active from May to October. Although it’s virtually impossible to second guess Mother Nature, it is predictable that July/August can usher in premiere surf & wind conditions. It is not uncommon to have consistent winds of 18-25 mph during this time making the contest period the perfect venue for a competition.”

-Words by Clark Merritt

SoloSports нуди специјална $1,650.00 цена за недела на натпреварот, вклучувајќи ги сите храна и пијалоци (јадеме како кралеви). Пијалаците пиво, вино, духови, коктели и нашите светски познатиот Долна магли. Употреба на сите играчки како чантата, застане лопатка одбори, кајаци, планински велосипеди и повеќе ќе бидат вклучени. Секој гостин да е делукс мини кабина шатор целосно натоварен со влошки, перници и свежо испраните вреќи за спиење. Дневен топла тушеви, интернет, и користење на играта соба, со TV / DVD, базен маса, пикадо, foosball и библиотека се исто така достапни. Можете да додадете лет од Сан Диего во кампот за $650.00 на оние кои сакаат надградба.

Some action from last years event.

AWT Четири пустината конфронтација from Американската боречка турнеја on Vimeo.