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山姆BITTNER: Weendy骑士的周

[ 0 ] 六月 25, 2013 |

你一定要知道的事实,萨曼莎BITTNER是不是只是一个AWT骑手, 也AWT旅游董事. 我们赶上了与山姆在第一AWT事件在圣克鲁斯, 瞥见美国滑浪风帆巡回演出已经成长做大一年比一年好.
入门风帆: 在 22 岁. I took a beginning windsurfing class during college. I had never even heard of the sport until 2007 when I was on the sailboat racing team and saw that the windsurfing class was offered through the same venue.

赞助商: 纳什, DAKINE, Makani Finssam-hookipa-tall

Favorite Gear: I’m lucky to ride Naish because they make everything I need for windsurfing. \My primary discipline is wave sailing so I ride the 74-liter Naish Wave Board and I love my medium Chopper!

家: 俳句, 毛伊岛. I grew up in Enumclaw, Washington, which is a small farm town, but have been on Maui for five years and that is where I call home.

最喜欢的地方: Kuau/Mama’s just downwind from Ho’okipa.

收藏移动: Sailing with my friends! My favorite sessions are going out in big waves and making it back to the beach in one piece.

Best Session Ever: 帕卡斯马约, Peru with Kevin Pritchard after the contest last summer. We sailed from the point, two miles downwind, riding the longest waves of my life and then
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