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Sarah Delaunay

사라 Delaunay
계열: 여자들
등록된 이벤트: Santa Cruz and Maui
스폰서: 스타일을 끓인다, 금기, Roxy, OutsideReef, Aircalin, Government of New Caledonia, Freeride NC
나이: 24
고향: Nouméa
원래 고향은: New Caledonia
좋아하는 이동: spock full full speed on super flat water
좋아하는 장소: Ténia, Ouano, 키파, Jaws
윈드 서핑 년: 6
좌우명: Have a dream, add it what it needs to fit the reality. Keep the dream intact, that’s only the reality that you adapt.