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Дерил фризерски

Darryl Barber

Дерил фризерски
ПОДЕЛА: Аматер
РЕГИСТРОВАНЕ ДОГАЂАЈИ: Санта Круз, Мауи Макани Цлассиц
СПОНЗОРИ: None officially, but very thankful to all my friends at Second Wind Neil Pryde Maui, Четири, and Hot Sails that keep me on the water
ДОБА: 43
Хометовн: Хаику, Хаваји
Пореклом из: Победа, BC Canada
ОМИЉЕНА ПОТЕЗ: Finally… Forward Loop!!!
Омиљено место: Хоокипа, and of course evening sessions at Kanaha with friends.
ГОДИНА Даска за варење: In Hawaii? since 2006, before think I was just mowing the grass
МОТО: Whatever, I’m going sailing!!!