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Rothaí Q&A Day 5

[ 0 ] Deireadh Fómhair 30, 2012 |

1. Ainm, aois, Catagóir, náisiúntacht, years windsurfing
Marcilio Browne, Pro, Brasil , 1994 started

2. Ionchas- cad a dhéanann mhaith leat a fháil amach as an ócáid?
Bíodh spraoi

3. Cé hé do laoch Clársheoltóireacht ag Hookipa?
Goya, Naish, Polakow

4. How many times have you ended up on the rocks? (Rock Star status)
No idea, a lot.

5. Whats your favorite no-wind activity on Maui?

6. Whats the best airline to get your gear to Maui?

7. Whats your Halloween costume for the contest?
Still deciding !

8. What are your dream Hookipa conditions?
6 feet north swell, 5,0 weather

9. Who are your favorite friends to go sailing with?
My brother, Levi, Kauli, Ricardo, …

10. Whats your favorite song to get you pumped before your heat?
I normally don’t listen to music before my heat, but i like rock, brazilian music

Catagóir: Maui Makani, Nuacht

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