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Rider of Nädal

[ 0 ] Oktoober 15, 2012 |

Kevin Pritchard
Räägi meile ise. Kust te pärit olete? I grew up in Riverside California, pretty much one of the worst places in the world for windsurfing. The best thing about it was that I was given the opportunity to do it. As soon as I could, I moved to Maui and have lived here ever since. It is an amazing place and I have been living here for almost 20 aastat.

Räägi meile oma karjääri. My career.. hästi, I never would have dreamed of having it like this. Kiired autod, a beautiful woman, money, fame, house on the hill, what could be better. My career kicks ass. So much fun. So happy to have this life. I still cant even believe it.
Millised on mõned oma lemmik kohti sõita? Cabo Verde is my Favorite, with Baja being my second.

If you could go anywhere in the world to windsurf, kui see oleks? Cape Verde.

Kes on teie sponsorid? Ezzy Sails, Parras, Dakine, MFC, Camaro, Kaenon, Pritchard Windsurfing

Millised on teie inspiratsiooni? My parents.. they just had their 40 year wedding anniversary. That is pretty amazing.

Milline oli teie lemmik osa umbes konkureerivad AWT mullu? The parties!

Õpetussõnu? Dont dream it, do it.

Fotod:: Amorphia Fotograafia and the American Windsurfing Tour

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