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[ 0 ] 九月 25, 2012 |


I was born in St Etienne, (法国), and my parents moved to the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe when I was 4 岁.

Where are do you live now?
I’m from a little paradise island in the French Caribbean called Guadeloupe. It’s a little bit far away from everything, but this island brought me all I needed for the beginning of my windsurf career and I still feel at home there.
All around the World.

MauiSails, 四, 长喇叭能源饮料, Tainos Guadeloupe, MFC, and Saint Francois Guadeloupe.
The quatro crew because I like their style, Polakow and Siver because they are pushing their limit and it’s beautiful to watch.

I liked it because it was a new tour, and especially because it’s mainly wave riding spots. I knew I had a chance to do well.

你的目标是什么 2012?
I want to place well in Maui because it’s the most important stop of the tour, and to make a podium in the overall result.
Follow your dreams. Life is shorter then we think!

You can learn more about Camille Juban from his website

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