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[ 0 ] 九月 8, 2012 |

Sara Flowe

I never know how to answer this question. Maryland or Virginia depending on who I’m talking to.
I grew up racing dinghys and learned how to windsurf in college. I quit the sailing team in favor of the windsurfing club my senior spring and then moved to Hatteras as soon as I graduated.

What are some of your favorite places to sail?
My favorite place to sail is the reef in the Pamlico Sound. I love sailing in the ocean, but the reef is a good 3 miles out from shore where the deep water meets the shallowsnearland. It’s pretty cool to have breaking waves no where in sight of land. It’s also usually blowing 30+ when the reef is going off
f you could go anywhere in the world to windsurf, 它会在哪里?
I don’t actually know….there are so many options, and fairly equal in my book. Not Europe?

Ocean Air Sports, the local shop where I used to work.

From the start my interest has been in keeping up with the boys. Windsurfing is a funny sport, where everyone is totally on their own program. I like to be able to hold my own.

I don’t have to travel far! I am also excited for the closing ceremony party at The Beach Klub (where I work).

你的目标是什么 2012?
Learn or improve something each time I go out.

Come to Hatteras!

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