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متسابق من أسبوع

[ 0 ] سبتمبر 8, 2012 |

Sara Flowe

من أي بلد أنت?
أنا لا أعرف كيف للإجابة على هذا السؤال. ميريلاند أو فرجينيا اعتمادا على من أنا أتحدث إلى.
أخبرنا عن حياتك المهنية.
لقد نشأت وتعلمت dinghys سباق كيفية إركب الرياح في الكلية. I quit the sailing team in favor of the windsurfing club my senior spring and then moved to Hatteras as soon as I graduated.

What are some of your favorite places to sail?
My favorite place to sail is the reef in the Pamlico Sound. I love sailing in the ocean, but the reef is a good 3 miles out from shore where the deep water meets the shallowsnearland. It’s pretty cool to have breaking waves no where in sight of land. It’s also usually blowing 30+ when the reef is going off
If you could go anywhere in the world to windsurf, وحيث يكون?
I don’t actually know….there are so many options, and fairly equal in my book. Not Europe?

الذين هم رعاة الخاص بك?
Ocean Air Sports, the local shop where I used to work.

ما هي الالهام الخاص?
From the start my interest has been in keeping up with the boys. Windsurfing is a funny sport, where everyone is totally on their own program. I like to be able to hold my own.

What is your favorite part about competing on the AWT?
I don’t have to travel far! I am also excited for the closing ceremony party at The Beach Klub (where I work).

ما هي أهدافك لل 2012?
Learn or improve something each time I go out.

كلمات الحكمة?
Come to Hatteras!

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