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Registriĝo kaj varmigi supre tage ĉe la JP Aloha Klasikaĵo prezentita de Nalu Kai Registras

[ 0 ] Oktobro 23, 2013 |


Estas tio ĉi la tagiĝo de nova epoko en windsurfing? Kun la bonaj ondaj maristoj sur la planedo de ambaŭ la AWT kaj PWA travojaĝas unuigita ĉe la Aloha Klasikaĵo en Maui, Eĉ Robby Naish ne povus rezisti ĵetanta lian ĉapelon en la ringo por kio estas estanta epitetita ‘La Batalon de la Titanoj -a. The windsurfing landscape has dramatically changed since the last Aloha Classic some seven years ago and it is the first time that many of the Maui locals enter the PWA competition prepped and hungry for the prize purse. With so many of the Hawaiian based riders now fully embedded into the American Windsurfing Tour of which this is the sixth and final event of the season, riders are more prepared than ever to create an upset. This combined event is the first time the PWA and AWT have come together and every one of the 132 registered riders is excited to challenge for a total of six titles through the contest window.


As the competitors registered and mingled with friends, old and new, a few shared their thoughts on the upcoming contest;

“It’s a positive thing to have everyone together ripping and enjoying this amazing sport. Let’s show how amazing windsurfing can be and bring in the Aloha Spirit!” Levi Siver (Ruĝa Virbovo, Quatro, Goya Veloj, Da-Kine, MFC & Positive H20)

“They say Maui >> No Ka Oi … So I say Ho’okipa No Ka Oi ..have fun” Ferdinando Loffreda, (Maui Veloj)

“This event is going to be all-time! I am excited to compete at such an iconic location and get inspired by all the pros pushing the limits and charging hard. Can’t wait for the action to begin!” Fiona Wylde, (Sailworks, Quatro, O'Neill, DaKine, Gorĝo Dental, Grandaj Ventoj, Vector Fins Maui & NoLimitz)

Let loose the dogs of WAR!” – Bernd Roediger (Goya, Quatro, MFC) , 2012 AWT Maui Makani Classic Winner

Ho’okipa is and has always been the place where you see the most radical wavesailing in the world. It’s great to finally come back and have a worldcup event here again! I’m looking forward to see the best of the best of 4 generations hitting it hard in the next two weeks.Klaas Voget, PWA (Fanatika, Simmer Veloj)


“It is great for us at the PWA to be back in Maui and having this event in conjunction with the AWT. Last time we were here was in 2006 and we had a fantastic show which we hope we can repeat this year. The good news for all our fans worldwide is that we will have live streaming during the whole PWA event and windsurfers all over the World will be able to watch, live, some of the best windsurfers in the Planet in some of the most challenging conditions. Down the line surf, incredible aerial moves, etc all is possible at Ho’okipa. On behalf of the PWA Team I hope you will enjoy the event!!” Orlando Lavandera (PWA Brand Manager)

Plej lasta Aloha Klasika Vetera Prognozo & Analizo

We are very lucky to have Tom Hammerton (Varmaj Veloj Maui, Nigra Projekto Fins) providing us with detailed daily weather analysis;

Here we are on the eve of the Aloha Classic, and things are looking good for the first day. Expect conditions very similar to today. Depending on which model you believe, it will be either slightly windier (the direction I am leaning in) or slightly less windy. Surf should remain in the head high region a fraction smaller than today but careful wave selection might yield something bigger. Friday is still very much up in the air as small changes to the big weather pattern will make big changes to the wind. The degree to which the prevailing winds turn towards the SE over the next couple of days will be critical. The good news is that regular trade-winds look set to fill in on Monday and stick around for at least a few days. The surf is also expected to significantly improve, although not as big as earlier forecasts as the fetch did not really line up with Maui as hoped and the biggest surf will miss us.




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