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레이싱 AWT에서 제공하는 미국 윈드 서핑의 내셔널 시작

[ 1 ] 7월 25, 2012 |

에서 하루에 두세 2012 미국의 윈드 서핑 투어에서 제공하는 미국 윈드 서핑의 국민은 완벽하게 조용한 아침을 천천히 시작. 편안한 조건은 고급 강 이벤트 사이트에 합의하고 모든 장비를 얻을 수있는 모든 레이서가 준비 조작 허용. By early afternoon the wind started to kick up above 12-knots and the call for the Formula racing to begin was made by race director Darren Rogersa great call! And the wind just kept gradually building through three course races until it reached enough to make the switch to Slalom. A full round of three Slalom races completed another perfect day at the 2012 미국 내셔널 윈드 서핑. Let’s look at what happened in a little more detail..

수식 작업:
The first day of course racing was dominated by MauiSail’s Phil McGain who took all three races by a decent margin. The question is: can anyone catch him? Finishing second and third respectively behind McGain were Xavier Ferlet and Steve Bodnerso we’ll see what they can do in the coming days to put up a challenge. Ron Kern sailed strongly and finished the day just ahead of local hero Bruce Peterson, who’s fall in the third race dropped his standing to fifth. Just behind Peterson was the incredibly talented Marion Lepertthis junior racer will hold her own any day against the men.

It was amazing just how tight the racing was across almost the entire fleet with some insanely close finishes at the downwind line that was set right next to the beach. It made for a great spectacle to watch and we’re looking forward to more as the week of racing continues.

슬라럼 액션:Tyson Poor may have had to sit out of the freestyle competition yesterday with a sore shoulder, but he definitely wouldn’t let it keep him out of the Slalom. His determination showed through with three bullets. We’re pretty sure that Phil McGain will be looking to avenge his loss to Poor tomorrow, the only blemish on his near perfect day of racing. Also gunning for Poor will be his Gorge Cup rival Bruce Peterson, who finished the day solidly in the third position. A battle for the next three places is setting up between Casey Hauser, Steve Bodner and Jordan Reidunless Wyatt Miller replicates the performance he put down in the last race of the day and joins this pack.
The slalom action provided plenty of crashes and even some heated protests, so let’s see what the rest of the week brings as tension builds out on the course!

축하 모든 후원자 덕분에, 경쟁, 조직이 놀라운 이벤트가 발생 만들기위한 자원 봉사자! 의 스폰서 2012 미국 윈드 서핑의 국민이 포함: AWT, Dakine, AWSI, Sailworks, 우현, Chinook, CGWA, 한랭한 북서풍, Nolimitz, 노스 웨이브, 오리건 스포츠 기관, 양초, 101 스포츠 서핑, 큰 바람, 블랙 프로젝트 지느러미, Makini의 지느러미, 벡터 지느러미, G-42, 미국 윈드 서핑 협회, Windsport 잡지.

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