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Ho’okipa Heating Up

Ho’okipa Heating Up

[ 0 ] Październik 16, 2014

With less than 2 weeks to go before the start of the Aloha Classic, many of the AWT competitors have been training hard. Kevin Pritchard Ho’okipa has been on fire lately with good winds and big waves. Photographers and Videographers have been busy too. Norm Roediger took a few clips of some big moves, i […]

Day 5 Starboard Hatteras Wave Jam

Dzień 5 Starboard Hatteras Wave Jam

[ 0 ] Wrzesień 20, 2014

Dzień 5 started out similarly to the previous days, but with a little more urgency. The contest window was rapidly coming to a close, and we still had a lot to do. Fortunately the wind was up, and there were still some waves at the beach. The call was made to go straight into the […]

Day 4 of the Starboard Hatteras Wave Jam

Dzień 4 of the Starboard Hatteras Wave Jam

[ 0 ] Wrzesień 18, 2014

Another early start paid dividends today, as Hatteras continued to provide a beautiful windsurfing canvas. The early morning showed promise once again, but unfortunately was not quite enough to run any Pro heats. After a free-sail to test the waters, it was determined that another Expression Session would be run. This one would be for […]

Hatteras Wave Jam Commences on Day 3

Hatteras Wave Jam Commences on Day 3

[ 0 ] Wrzesień 17, 2014

Expectations for Day 3 were high, as the Tuesday evening forecast showed good wind and a building swell for the upcoming day. Riders rose before dawn, and waited for first light after a night of thunderstorms and rain. The skipper’s meeting was set for 7:30PRZY. We were greeted with lighter than expected wind, and small […]

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