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AWT Pro Morgan Noireaux Rides Ho'okipa

AWT Pro Morgan Noireaux Rides Ho’okipa

[ 0 ] કૂચ 23, 2015

Check out some newly released footage of Morgan Noireaux riding his home break on Maui. Stripped from morgan noireaux on Vimeo. મોર્ગન Noireaux “I was originally going to change a few things and actually spend some time editing this footage, but my hard drive broke along with any hope of doing that, haha. Here is […]

Cabo Verde Closing

Cabo Verde Closing

[ 0 ] કૂચ 8, 2015

Wow! What a hugely successful event we have had here on Cabo Verde over these past 2 અઠવાડિયા! We crowned new AWT Pro, Amateur and Lady champions and we brought an event back to the island of Sal after a long hiatus. સાથે 17 nations represented in our fleets and a huge local entry contingent […]

DAY 10: Windsurf Video Wrap-up & SUP, Surf, and Waterman Contest

DAY 10: Windsurf Video Wrap-up & એસયુપી, Surf, and Waterman Contest

[ 0 ] કૂચ 5, 2015

Check out the sick edits by videographer Kevin Pritchard showcasing the Pro, કલાપ્રેમી, and Women fleets competition including some stunning imagery of the island! Champions Crowned: AWT Goya Cabo Verde Pro from American Windsurfing Tour on Vimeo. Today the island of Sal is about to be set alight with the most heated contest seen here […]

Champions Crowned: AWT Goya Cabo Verde Pro

Champions Crowned: AWT Goya Cabo Verde Pro

[ 0 ] કૂચ 1, 2015

What a phenomenal day here on day 5 of the AWT Goya Cabo Verde Pro! With strong north easterly winds blowing again, and a dwindling swell forecast, the call was made by head judge Chris Freeman to bring the pro riders back to ‘Little Ho’okipa’/’Secret Spot’. By midday, the lines of swell were starting to […]

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