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Day 5, Pacasmayo Classic

يوم 5, Pacasmayo كلاسيك

[ 0 ] أغسطس 8, 2014

Pacasmayo delivers once again. The back to back south swells decided to take a little breather for Day 5. We woke up to small, but still fun-sized waves, and light wind. There was concern that the new swell would not arrive, and/or the wind would not fill in. Not to worry though, because as the […]

Day 4 Pacasmayo Classic

يوم 4 Pacasmayo كلاسيك

[ 0 ] أغسطس 7, 2014

Another spectacular day of competition here at the 2014 edition of the AWT Pacasmayo Classic. With a solid forecast, and slightly smaller conditions than the previous day, it was decided to run the Women, الهواة, والماجستير. We had a full day of competition starting heats around 11 a.m., and running nonstop until 5 p.m. […]

Day 3, Pro Day

يوم 3, Pro Day

[ 0 ] أغسطس 6, 2014

After two days of waiting, the wind showed up right in time for the peak of the swell. With mast plus sets rolling into the Point, riders were preparing early for what would turn out to be the most incredible day of port tack competition in AWT history. In Pacasmayo, we are lucky to have […]

Macking Swell, Anticipation Rises

Macking Swell, Anticipation Rises

[ 0 ] أغسطس 5, 2014

يوم 2 of the waiting period proved to be another one of waiting for wind. Around 2:00 it became apparent that the wind would not fill in and many competitors took to the water with their surfboards. I don’t think anyone minded another lay day however. The 7ft 17 second swell showed up as forecast, […]

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