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Hatteras Wave Jam ska inledas

[ 0 ] September 12, 2012 |

UPDATE: Head Judge Andy McKinney called the contest for the day. Expression Session now at the old Lighthouse. See you there. Party tonight at Wind NC.

Villkor som tillåter, den 2012 Hatteras Våg Jam börjar idag. Vi kommer att köra på ramp 30, 4 miles norr om Avon. Next announcement will be on the beach at 10:30vid. You need 4WD and a permit to get there. There is very limited paved parking so carpooling is absolutely necessary if you do not have 4WD. To carpool, park at the Koru Beach Klub across from Wind-NC. There is NO road side parking at ramp 30. You will be ticketed.
See you soon!

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