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Hatteras Ondas Jam completa

[ 0 ] Setembro 19, 2013 |


A previsión se fixo realidade para a 2013 ATW Hatteras Ondas Jam como dous días enteiros de competición permitiu a conclusión de todas as divisións. O sistema de puntuación AWT pagado como todos os competidores están permitidos unha segunda oportunidade, se errar na primeira rolda animou aos pilotos realmente empurrar os límites das súas habilidades. Un día vin vento forte e ondas moderadas que eran perfectos para os primeiros dous rounds das divisións de máster e afeccionado nos libros. O segundo día presentou algo menos vento, pero máis grande e máis limpo inchar, que permitiu que os profesionais, mulleres e avance de máster e afeccionados para mostrar realmente o que eles poderían facer.


Some of the world’s top wavesailors were here to vie for the AWT Hatteras Wave Jam title and the competition was very close. The final came down to a battle between Andy McKinney, Fabrice Beaux, Bernd Roediger e Kevin Pritchard. McKinney is the owner of a local shop (Wind-NC) and used his Hatteras knowledge to advance to the final and finish in 4th position. Beaux absolutely ripped his way through the heat up to the final but struggled to find the best set waves resulting in a 3rd place finish. The battle for the top spot was close with Pritchard’s powerful style matching up against Roediger’s new-school moves. Roediger took the heat with the wave ride of the event that included a big one-handed aerial and a Taka.


No division embodies the true spirit of the AWT more than the women. They are willing to go out and rip whenever called upon no matter the conditions and they always do so with a smile on their faces—no complainingjust ripping!” This year Miho Tanaka of Japan defended her title from last year winning over Sam Bittner (2nd) and Kerri Stokes. Sam Bittner sailed very well but couldn’t match the far more experienced Tanaka (who also competed in the Pro division). It was Stokes first time sailing in the waves and what better time to do it then at an AWT eventcongrats to Kerri Stokes!


Both the amateur and masters divisions were tight battles. The Am final featured George Marcopoulos, Ken Ahrendt, Ian Stokes and Casey Treichler. Marcopoulos sailed well this entire event finishing just off the podium in 4th place. Ahrendt of the local shop Ocean Air not only kept many visiting riders stoked by lending them gear but sailed a strong heat to finish in 3rd position. The top spot came down to a close fight between young gun Stokes and theReef WarriorTreichler. Both these guys know this wave very well and had the perfect gear to suit the conditions. In the end Treichler found the better set-wave to rip apart giving him the Am Wave Jam title.

The Masters final featured a 4-man heat of Dave Kashy, Gordy Stokes, Ken Keller and Mike Wazenski. All had been sailing very well through the competition and in the end Kashy took the top podium spot over Wazenski (2nd), Keller (3RD) and Stokes (4th).













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