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فری اسٹائل انماد دن آف جاتا ہے 1

[ 0 ] جولائی 18, 2013 |

winning_brasتین ڈویژنوں, سپر انماد, نئے اسکول فلیٹ پانی فری اسٹائل; Gorge انداز, بڑی عمر کے اسکول بڑی ایئر چالوں & سوار سوجن; اور ویمنز بھاگ تمام صبح ابتدائی. مقابلہ قریب تھا اور کارروائی پیک. سپر انماد میں چٹٹانوں کے اسٹیڈیم میں بیٹھے سینکڑوں کی طرف سے دیکھا متاثر کن چال کے ساتھ بھرا ہوا تھا “ہنسی کے ایک Torium.” The Gorge Style wowed the crowed with impressive big air moves, highlighted by Jake Millers one-handed-forward-loop-wave to the judges. The women showed up in full force as well, led by Ingrid Larouche. Congratulations to our winners, Brian Metcalf-Perez, انگرڈ Larouche, and Mitch Gingrich!

With the early start we were able to jump right into the Xensr Big Air contest in the afternoon. With winds forecasted to diminish throughout the afternoon the pro men, led by non other than Gorge Big Air master Dale Cook, finished first with a jump over 21 feet. The Amateurs and Women followed suit as winds and swell dissipated throughout the afternoon, but all heats were able to finish. کے ساتھ 4 days left in the competition window, Casey Hauser and Xensr will still hold more Big Air jumping for everyone as conditions allow. Congrats to Xensr Big Air winners, Dale Cook, انگرڈ Larouche, and Steven Max.


Check out the entire album of photos on our یہاں فیس بک کا صفحہ.


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