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Dia épico de três cidadãos norte-americanos no Windsurf apresentado pela AWT

[ 0 ] Julho 26, 2012 |

Day three at US Windsurfing Nationals presented by the American Windsurfing Tour was a carbon copy of the previous day. O vento começou a luz e gradualmente construída permitindo a três corridas de Fórmula sólidos seguido de uma rodada completa de seis slalom aquece. Vamos olhar para a ação um pouco mais de perto…

Ação Fórmula:
The question of the day was, “Could MauiSailsPhil McGain be beat?” The answer proved to be, “Sort ofbut not really.Bruce Peterson beat McGain to the finish line once but was ruled over-early at the start, leaving McGain’s perfect streak intact. Next it was Steve Bodner’s turn who protested McGain on one raceand was victorious. It proved to be the only way to beat McGain so far. We’ll see what happens on day four.
Steve Bodner had a solid day on the course taking down his arch rival, Xavier Ferla, for second in the fleet, but Ferlet held him off in the final race. Junior racer, Jack Lundquist, from the San Francisco Bay area put in an amazing showing crossing the line fifth in the final race. Check out all the scores below and you’ll see other amazing finishes put in by racers across the fleet. Here are some photo highlights from the day (check out more on the AWT Facebook page).

Ação Slalom:
The first slalom race of the afternoon saw Tyson Poor go down opening up the door for Phil McGain and Bruce Petersonand Casey Hauser, who took advantage of Poor’s crash to claim the race. However, Poor recovered in his next two races winning heats over both McGain and Peterson to remain on top of the fleet. Steve Bodner also brought his A-game with back-to-back third place finishes to end the day! The leaderboard is getting packed at the top with racers like Andreas Macke, Xavier Ferlet and MacRae Wylde putting in solid days.

Congrats and thanks to all the sponsors, competitors, organizers and volunteers for making this amazing event happen! Sponsors of the 2012 US Windsurfing Nationals include: AWT, Dakine, AWSI, Sailworks, Estibordo, Chinook, CGWA, Mistral, Nolimitz, North Wave, Oregon Sports Authority, Vela, 101 Surf Sports, Grandes Ventos, Fins Projeto Black, Makini Fins, Vector Fins, G-42, EUA Windsurfing Association, Windsport Revista.

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