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טאָג 7 מאַוי מאַקאַני קלאַסיק – Quick Update

[ 0 ] נאָוועמבער 1, 2012 |

כוואליעס. Wind. World-class windsurfers. All three ingredients came together for the final day of competition at the AWT’s Maui Makani Classic. Following the 11:15 start, head judge Matt Pritchard ran competitors through amateur, master, and pro heats, culminating in an epic super-final between Bernd Roediger and Kevin Pritchard in lulling winds and glassy waves. The result? The 16-year-old upsets the wily veteran in two closely matched double elimination finals.

Stay tuned for more results, and in-depth analysis of the Pro Final and SuperFinal heats.

קאַטעגאָריע: מאַוי מאַקאַני

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