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Dia 6 Maui Makani Clàssic

[ 1 ] Octubre 31, 2012 |

Eliminació Individual Dones

1 Junko Nagoshi
2 Angela Cochran
3 Ingrid LaRouche
4 Tatiana Howard
5 Sarah Delaunay
5 Anne-Marie Reichman
7 Fiona Wylde
7 Katie McAnena
7 Shawna Cropas
10 Tiffany Ward,
10 Sam Bittner
10 Olivia Piana
13 Kell Moore-Coullahan
13 Andrea Gillum
13 Adele Frola
13 Caroline Hamel
13 Tamara Bockius
13 Miho Tanaka
13 Alizee Roy-Bergeron
13 Maria Andres

I així, el matí va començar amb els quarts de final d'eliminació simple de les dones. L'onatge era fantàstica, amb més logo als conjunts d'alts pals al mòbil, super net i vents consistents sobre 20 a 25 nusos. La primera mànega va veure Sarah Delaunay de Nova Caladonia escollir d'alguns dels grups del matí i la vora per davant d'Ingrid Larouche en segon. Tiffany Ward, va patir una separació vela a bord i, per desgràcia, després d'alguns passejos sòlids, estava atrapada nedar al costat de les roques. Calor 2 veure guanyador Junko Nagoshi trituració de l'any passat, com de costum i demostrant com podia acabar fins i tot alguns dels millors homes de la seva líquid, estil agressiu i ella van tenir lloc el puny en la calor. Anne-Marie Reichmann, que va ser segon lloc l'any passat també va navegar a foc sòlid i aterrar segon lloc. Molt a prop darrere d'ella i perdent per un estret marge, (com havia passat de manera similar Fiona Wylde en la calor anterior), va ser Katie McAnena que va interceptar un net, peeling configurar onada d'obrir i només va perdre en avançar a les semifinals. Director del Tour, Sam Bittner va arribar en quart després d'un sòlid de calor mentre intentava jugggle executant el concurs al mateix temps! Calor 3 llegenda va veure Angela Cochran i noia local Tatiana Howard avançat
The semi-finals were another hotly contested battle with Anne-Marie and Sarah sadly missing out on the final after both sailing solid heats.
The final of the womens saw a squal pass through and hiked up the wind so they were all over powered. But this didn’t stop them putting on a show for everyone as every girl shredded on multiple set waves. The stand out sailor was of course Junko Nagoshi who totally rips and was closely followed by legend Angela Cochran who went for some really late hits. 3rd place went to Ingrid Larouche after she put on a great performance to narrowly edge out Maui Butterly Effect hero Tatiana Howard.

Masters Single

The masters took to the water during the pro double elimination and managed to work towards the final. Jeff Henderson of Hot Sails and judge Brain Caserio also on HotSails sailed really solidly and made it into the 1st Semi-Final. Women’s 2nd place Angela Cochran also impressed enough to secure a place in the semi finals with Giampaolo Cammarota. The wind died before the first semi final could be run so we will be planning to get them on the water today and finish up this tightly fought contest.

Men’s Pro Double Elimination

Calor 37
Morgan Noireaux yet again proved why he is to be taken very seriously in this contest with some of the best rides of the day and taking 1st ahead of Laurent Guilleman who took 2nd in a very close battle with Fabrice Beaux. Fabrice sailed an amazing heat with a sick 360 but it was’t enough to take out Laurent who edged ahead

Calor 38
Jason Polakow, having won heat 34 was on a mission and a roll and was stunning the judges with his gutsy hits and classic, infamous style. He took the heat win over Kai Lenny who as usual did not disappoint and amazed with his agility and talent.

Calor 39
This heat saw AWT man Russ Faurot prove a point and take the highest scoring wave of the heat just as the heat ended. He deserved his 1st place ahead of Fransisco Porcella who went for some big hits, not always making it, but always going big.

Calor 40
Hero Josh Stone was on fire, boosting some masive aerials with his usual style and took 2nd behind, unsurprisingly ripping Morgan Noireaux who seemed, at times unbeatable.

Calor 41
This was an impossibly difficult heat….. Polakow vs Lenny vs Siver vs Goya…… what a stacked heat!! To make it out from this bracket required something special and it was Polakow and Lenny who in the end could deliver the goods. Very tight decision in the end no doubt, as Goya had some really nice rides. Unfortunately for Levi Siver his big manouevre attempts on the waves just fell short and disappointingly he was knocked out. Polakow was gaining momentum and proving why he is a legend in the sport.

Calor 42
Again saw Russ Faurot out there proving a point and deservedly advancing. 2 Simmer men went head to head with Porcello just edging ahead of Katchadourian who narrowly missed out on advancing but still wowed the spectators with his go for broke attitude.

Calor 43
Now the pressure was really on….. Stone again was on fire but he just couldn’t edge ahead of Polakow who at this stage was in his 4th heat of the day and just killing it! Brawziho was the most stylish and went for some incredible goitres paired with a real surf style of riding and proved unbeatable.

Calor 44
Lenny and Swifty made their mark on this heat. This was swifty’s first of the day and he was feeling fresh and his sailing reflected this. Big goitres and 360s were the order of the day, with the swell still considerable and lots of wind to play with.

Calor 45
The last heat of the day was another who’s who in windsurfing and was yet again, an epic show down. Polakow, now in his 5th heat of the day! was super impressive, all the spectators and judges alike felt he sailed an amzing heat. Brawzinho was unbelievable and won the heat after a lesson in how to pair scik wave manouevres with good wave selection and a go for broke attitude. He was followed in 2nd place by Swifty who landed a nice 360 during the heat. Lenny just missed out on advancing but should be proud of the performance he put on during the day.

And with that the wind died and the call was made to wait till today to recommence the action…… forecast still looks good so we have a big day ahead! Manténgase en sintonia.

Champions for Charity!

Huge names showed up to compete in the Champions for Charity heat! It was like watching a windsurfing Hall of Fame out there and with the classic Ho’okipa conditions the stage was set for a real show! Robby Naish flew over all the way from Oahu to take part and didn’t disappoint with his classic Naish style, just shredding the waves. He also had a warm up at Lanes to begin and we watched as he hammered out push loops and back loops…. very entertaining! Also in the line up were incredible performances from Fransisco Goya, Keith Teboul, Buzzy Kerboz, Sean Ordonez, Kai Katchadourian, Pascal Hardy and Brian Caserio. No winner has been crowned yet as the voting continues on facebook….. so head to our facebook page and vote for your favourite now! All the prize money will go to their charity of choice.

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