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Hari 3 Pacasmayo Klasik

[ 0 ] Agustus 27, 2013 |


Lain hari kompetisi melihat penyelesaian putaran Masters dan Amatir. Kondisi sekali lagi sangat baik. Gelombang yang sedikit lebih kecil dari kemarin, tapi masih memberi banyak kesempatan untuk membersihkan bawah garis naik.

Kepala Hakim Chris Freeman memilih untuk menjalankan melalui braket Amatir pertama. The Amateurs were excited to get under way, and showed their enthusiasm on the water. Highlights included our youngest competitor, 15 year old Alessio Botteri, finishing in second place. He chose set waves and rode them well. You can see that if he continues to practice windsurfing, he will be one to watch in the future.


AWT veteran Ingrid Larouche showed why she is always a dangerous competitor. Larouche chose the best waves, and put together solid heat after solid heat. Ingrid’s strong sailing earned her the overall victory in the Amateur bracket.

With the completion of the Pro bracket yesterday, the Pros were able to relax and sail on their own time today. The wave at El Faro in Pacasmayo is so long, that there is plenty of room for competitors to spread out and sail. There was no shortage of action for spectators to watch throughout the day.


The Masters got under way in the afternoon as the winds picked up nicely. The talent level was very high as 2 of the top 3 pros are also Masters. As expected, both Kevin Pritchard and Willhelm Schurmann advanced through their heats for an epic clash in the final. Willhelm’s signature tight turns and lip busting hits scored very high. Kevin put down long high speed rides, big aerials and some very impressive cutbacks. The swell had backed off as the tide receded making wave selection all the more important. Willhelm and Kevin traded set waves, but in the end, it was Kevin who impressed the judges the most to take the victory.







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