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روز 3 – AWT تپانچه باش موج رودخانه ارائه شده توسط سمت راست… مسابقه!

[ 0 ] ژوئن 21, 2013 |

حلق آویز یک روز کامل را در ساحل در نهایت این بازی به عنوان باد پرداخت نفوذ فقط به اندازه کافی برای شروع رقابت. پس از پرتاب 11:00 ملاقات با سواران (به خصوص آماتور) به نفع Q & جلسه با برخی از سواران حرفه ای جهان. کوین پریچارد, لوی Siver, کامیل Juban, Bernd Roediger and Ingrid Larouche answered questions about how to achieve a better result in the contest environment. Great job by the pros. Next up was round two of the board toss, which was taken by Jay Watermeyer. The afternoon was full of blasting music and fun at the beach as competitors felt the wind gradually building. By late afternoon judges Alex Bitoun and Brian Caserio made the call that it was time to go with the Amateur fleet up first followed by the Women and the Masters. The riders made the most of the tough conditions, but everyone laid down plenty of scoring waves for a solid result. We are looking forward to a solid Day 4 of competition so stay tuned.












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