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AWT Athletes Keeping Busy in the Offseason

AWT Athletes Keeping Busy in the Offseason

[ 0 ] 三月 1, 2014

It has been quite a while since the Aloha Classic concluded the 2013 美國滑浪風帆巡迴演出. The year was full of amazing performances, and while the AWT has not held any recent contests, that does not mean our Athletes were not charging hard. Many Riders call Maui their home, and as usual, we have seen […]

Quick Clip by AWT Rider Morgan Noireaux


[ 0 ] 七月 22, 2013

摩根塞巴斯蒂安角撕裂一些小的波瀾, 在他的手槍河波擊到俄勒岡之旅. 條件不允許的史詩, 但他設法使它看起來相當不錯.

Brawzinho Amazes Again


[ 0 ] 六月 8, 2013

marcilio布朗, 在聖克魯斯戈雅滑浪風帆節贏家, 剛剛發布了這個驚人的視頻. 觀看他完成最困難的動作, 明顯緩解. 和, 如果你錯過了, 這裡是他的最後一個視頻.

AWT Rider Leo Ray in Riders Match Video


[ 0 ] 四月 25, 2013

觀看驚人的視頻: 獅子座雷 2013 F200- 車手比賽, 的在線極限運動大賽. 要看到其他參賽者, 去