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વર્ગ: રાઇડર વિડિયોઝ

December Session

[ 0 ] જાન્યુઆરી 5, 2012

AWT rider Bernd Roediger sent us this clip of his Ho’okipa December Sessions. તે તપાસો!

Jordan’s Take on the Maui Makani Classic

[ 0 ] વર્ષનો બારમો મહિનો 27, 2011

Jordan Reid sent us this video that he put together about the Maui Makani Classic. Check it out below.

Maui Fall 2011

[ 0 ] વર્ષનો બારમો મહિનો 5, 2011

Nick Dudet sent us this video about his trip to Maui with some great action.

A Short Film

[ 0 ] વર્ષનો બારમો મહિનો 5, 2011

Former Pistol River Wave Bash organizer, Lars Bergstrom featured on a Nautica short film. Go Windsurfing-Go Green!