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Congrats Kevin Pritchard

Congrats Kevin Pritchard

[ 0 ] Novembro 22, 2014

An AWT Year in 5 Minutes from Kevin Pritchard on Vimeo. INTERVIEW WITH KEVIN PRITCHARD Continentseven: Partied hard at the closing ceremony? Kevin Pritchard: Hmmm…. Continentseven: Congrats winning the AWT tour for the first time! You were able to hold off Levi Siver and Morgan Noireaux. How does this feel? Kevin Pritchard: It feels good. […]

Ho'okipa Heating Up

Ho’okipa Heating Up

[ 0 ] Oktobro 16, 2014

With less than 2 weeks to go before the start of the Aloha Classic, many of the AWT competitors have been training hard. Kevin Pritchard Ho’okipa has been on fire lately with good winds and big waves. Photographers and Videographers have been busy too. Norm Roediger took a few clips of some big moves, Kaj […]

Reflecting on Baja and Peru: Rider Video's

Reflektanta sur Baja kaj Peruo: Rajdanta Video??

[ 0 ] Aŭgusto 31, 2014

?i?? Estita semajno ekde la lasta AWTa konkurso, Kaj ni??E fine akiranta #?anco malkunpremi. #Malanta?a-al-#malanta?a konkursoj, Inkluzivanta Peruon kaj Meksikon, Lasis nin kun #?iuj specoj de videa videofilmo kiu estas nur matura por malsana redakti. Kontroli #?i tiu malsupre, De Morgan Noireaux, Levi Siver, Fiona Wylde kaj Bernd Roediger. Nur […]

Graham Ezzy Gets his Wave On

Graham Ezzy Gets his Wave On

[ 0 ] Julio 25, 2014

Check out this awesome video just released by Ezzy Sails. AWT rider Graham Ezzy is enjoying some of his favorite conditions in this clip. Truly inspiring action!