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Camille Recovers

Camille Retrovas

[ 0 ] Marto 31, 2015

Camille Juban has had a difficult last year. After winning the overall for the 2013 wave season, and starting strong on the 2014 Travojaĝo, Camille suffered a serious shoulder injury requiring surgery. He was relegated to 6 months of rehab and recovery, but is back and already a threat to take out the 2015 title. […]

AWT Pro Morgan Noireaux Rides Ho'okipa

AWT Pro Morgan Noireaux Rides Ho’okipa

[ 0 ] Marto 23, 2015

Check out some newly released footage of Morgan Noireaux riding his home break on Maui. Stripped from morgan noireaux on Vimeo. Morgan Noireaux “I was originally going to change a few things and actually spend some time editing this footage, but my hard drive broke along with any hope of doing that, haha. Here is […]

Behind the Scenes of the AWT Hatteras Wave Jam

#Malanta? la Scenoj de la AWT Hatteras Onda Bloko

[ 0 ] Januaro 12, 2015

Wavehog Filmoj iras “#Malanta? la scenoj” #?E la amerika Windsurfing #Travoja?o, 2014 Starboard Hatteras Onda Bloko (Sept. 15-20, 2014). Filmita en pitoreska Kabo Hatteras, Nord-Karolino, “Filmo 14″ Spuras la historion de la Onda Bloko de 1590 Al la donaco. Bazita sur realaj eventoj??Ut ne tute vera. Danke al Wavehog Filmoj por lia tre amuzanta […]

Congrats Kevin Pritchard

Congrats Kevin Pritchard

[ 0 ] Novembro 22, 2014

An AWT Year in 5 Minutes from Kevin Pritchard on Vimeo. INTERVIEW WITH KEVIN PRITCHARD Continentseven: Partied hard at the closing ceremony? Kevin Pritchard: Hmmm…. Continentseven: Congrats winning the AWT tour for the first time! You were able to hold off Levi Siver and Morgan Noireaux. How does this feel? Kevin Pritchard: It feels good. […]