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Categoria: Vídeos del Concurs

Local boyz rule at Ho’okipa

Local boyz rule at Ho’okipa

[ 0 ] Octubre 29, 2013

The biggest names in windsurfing came head to head at Ho’okipa today for the Single Elimination of the in what has been dubbed the ‘Clash of the Titans’ with the top PWA and AWT riders pitted against each other in the mast high surf. As the NW swell continued to build through the morning so […]

A day of reflection, rest and relaxation on the beautiful Valley Isle

A day of reflection, rest and relaxation on the beautiful Valley Isle

[ 0 ] Octubre 27, 2013

Following yesterday’s epic day of action, dominated by the Quatro team, it was only fitting that the planned party was to be hosted at the Quatro/Goya/MFC shop. Riders enjoyed good food, music, and discussed the day’s action over a few beers. With all but two of the PWA wildcards decided, there was a good deal […]

New JP Aloha Classic Teaser Video

Nova JP Aloha Classic Teaser Vídeo

[ 0 ] Octubre 21, 2013

Fes una ullada a aquesta petita vista prèvia del clip de la propera JP Aloha Classic. No voldrà perdre aquest! For livecast, feu clic aquí.

AWT Hatteras Wave Jam Video

AWT Hatteras Wave Jam Vídeo

[ 0 ] Setembre 23, 2013

Amb la competència fa després de dos dies seguits de vent i onades en una bonica platja de Hatteras, competidors ja tenien temps per descansar, relaxar-se i gaudir dels paisatges. El vent va parar, però l'onatge es va quedar en una mida raonable… perfecte per a alguns SUP i navegar per diversió. Parts d'aquesta setmana, incloent una visita durant tot el patrocini […]