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Day 3, Pro Day

Ngày 3, Pro Day

[ 0 ] Oai phong 6, 2014

After two days of waiting, the wind showed up right in time for the peak of the swell. With mast plus sets rolling into the Point, riders were preparing early for what would turn out to be the most incredible day of port tack competition in AWT history. In Pacasmayo, we are lucky to have […]

Macking Swell, Anticipation Rises

Macking Swell, Anticipation Rises

[ 0 ] Oai phong 5, 2014

Ngày 2 of the waiting period proved to be another one of waiting for wind. Around 2:00 it became apparent that the wind would not fill in and many competitors took to the water with their surfboards. I don’t think anyone minded another lay day however. The 7ft 17 second swell showed up as forecast, […]

Hatteras Wave Jam Right Around the Corner

Hatteras sóng Jam phải Around the Corner

[ 0 ] Tháng Chín 12, 2013

Get ready. The Hatteras Wave Jam is nearly upon us. Next week we kick off the East coast portion of the AWT, and if you are thinking about those last minute travel plans, the time is now. The forecast is looking promising, and we have an action packed week ahead of us. The crew in […]

AWT Heat Review

AWT nhiệt Review

[ 0 ] Tháng Sáu 29, 2012 là gì? Trang web này cho phép bạn xem tất cả các cá nhân làm nóng từ các tour du lịch AWT! Nó đã được chỉ ra mắt tại Bash Pistol sóng sông được trình bày bởi Naish, do đó bạn có thể kiểm tra những người ra ngay bây giờ. Nói cho tất cả bạn bè của bạn về và làm theo tất cả các hành động từ AWT!