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Thể loại: San Carlos Cactus Cup

Cactus Cup Photos

[ 0 ] Oai phong 8, 2011
Cactus Cup Day--6

Cactus Cup Day–6

[ 0 ] Oai phong 6, 2011

Graham Ezzy wins the Cactus Cup With four single eliminations in the bag it was decided that contest conditions were not quite up to par to run a fifth giving Graham Ezzy the title. There was still wind and waves on the final day but unless you brought your 3.7 and were prepared to wait […]

Cactus Cup--Day 5

Cactus Cup–Ngày 5

[ 0 ] Oai phong 5, 2011

Morgan Noireaux dominates Day 5 Young ripper Morgan Noireaux got on a roll in the 4th single elimination taking down all the older pros. As the light was fading in the evening he was forced to sail three heats back-to-back (2 pro finals and a youth heat) and won them all. In Noireaux’s final heat […]

Cactus Cup--Day 4

Cactus Cup–Ngày 4

[ 0 ] Oai phong 4, 2011

Graham Ezzy’s Goiters dominate Day 4 The venue changed for the Cactus Cup’s fourth day with the competition taking place directly in front of the SoloSports camp. Graham Ezzy put on a show with is one-handed Goiters and Takas. It was another windy day with plenty of logo-high sets rolling through from the Bombora towards […]