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Cactus Cup Photos

[ 0 ] Agustus 8, 2011
Cactus Cup Day–6

Cactus Cup Day–6

[ 0 ] Agustus 6, 2011

Graham Ezzy wins the Cactus Cup With four single eliminations in the bag it was decided that contest conditions were not quite up to par to run a fifth giving Graham Ezzy the title. There was still wind and waves on the final day but unless you brought your 3.7 and were prepared to wait […]

Cactus Cup–Day 5

Cactus Cup–Hari 5

[ 0 ] Agustus 5, 2011

Morgan Noireaux mendominasi Hari 5 Muda ripper Morgan Noireaux naik roll di penyisihan tunggal 4 mencatat semua pro tua. Sebagai cahaya itu memudar di malam hari ia dipaksa untuk berlayar tiga memanaskan back-to-back (2 pro final dan panas pemuda) dan memenangkan mereka semua. In Noireaux’s final heat […]

Cactus Cup–Day 4

Cactus Cup–Hari 4

[ 0 ] Agustus 4, 2011

Graham Ezzy’s Goiters dominate Day 4 The venue changed for the Cactus Cup’s fourth day with the competition taking place directly in front of the SoloSports camp. Graham Ezzy put on a show with is one-handed Goiters and Takas. It was another windy day with plenty of logo-high sets rolling through from the Bombora towards […]