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Fabrice Reports From San Carlos

Fabrice Reports From San Carlos

[ 0 ] Abuztua 24, 2011

The forecast was looking promising from the beginning of the competition and it became an epic week of wave sailing. The typical day during this championship tournament, on this famous windsurfing point break of Punta San Carlos, was surf or SUP in the morning in glassy waves, lunch and maybe a “siesta” while the wind […]

Windsurfing Mag Reports From Punta San Carlos

[ 0 ] Abuztua 16, 2011
Baja Results and Tour Rankings

Baja Tour Emaitzak eta Sailkapenak

[ 0 ] Abuztua 10, 2011

2011 AWT aditua Sailkapenak 2011 AWT Amateur Sailkapenak 2011 AWT Gazteria Sailkapenak 2011 AWT Emakumea Sailkapenak 2011 AWT Masters Sailkapenak

Cactus Cup Video

[ 0 ] Abuztua 8, 2011

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