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دسته: سان کارلوس کاکتوس جام

A Look Back at the 2011 San Carlos Cactus Cup

برگشت نگاهی به 2011 سان کارلوس کاکتوس جام

[ 0 ] جولای 20, 2012

در اینجا نگاهی به مسابقه سال گذشته. شرایط باد و امواج هر روز بزرگ. خواهیم دید که چه 2012 به ارمغان می آورد.

Windsurfing Magazine Photos

Windsurfing Magazine Photos

[ 0 ] دسامبر 13, 2011

Check out this photo series of the 2011 سان کارلوس کاکتوس جام, posted by Windsurfing Magazine. Click on the photo for more.

Baja For Cheap!

Baja For Cheap!

[ 0 ] سپتامبر 4, 2011

ATTENTION – AWT fans. Here’s a great deal! Two great ways to see Punta San Carlos, Baja September 10-17, 2011 A good south swell is reported to hit during this week 1) Drive yourself to the SoloSports Campo in Punta San Carlos for $1,000.00! That’s a $950.00 savings! 2) Jump on a private plane for […]

Cactus Cup, رها کردن- Ezzy Edit

[ 0 ] اوت 30, 2011

The Ezzy team had good results in Baja. Here is a video featuring Graham Ezzy, کوین پریچارد, and Russ Faurot.