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קטגוריה: ארבעה מדבר Showdown


AWT – QUATRO Punta San CALROS מדבר עימות 2012

[ 0 ] אוגוסט 9, 2012

What a blast – check out 0:00 – 10:00 Pro Division; 11:00 – 15:20 Youth-, Girls-, Amateurs-, and Grad Amateurs Division. Plus The Judges Session right after! Enjoy!

Levi Siver Wins the AWT’s Quatro Desert Showdown

לוי Siver נצחונות עימות מדבר חדר לארבעה של AWT

[ 1 ] אוגוסט 6, 2012

בחמישה ימים של 2012 Quatro Desert Showdown the best swell showed up for the week long event, וראש השופט מאט פריצ'רד עשה את השיחה כדי לשלוח את היתרונות. Despite the light wind conditions they put on a spectacular show picking off logo high set waves at the Punta San Carlos point […]

Quatro Desert Showdown is On

Quatro Desert Showdown is On

[ 0 ] אוגוסט 2, 2012

Improved wind and waves showed up on day 3 of the Quatro Desert Showdown and the call was made to start the amateurs. Heats were shortened to 12 minutes with the best two wave scores counting. Highlights included SoloSports staff ripper Joey Sanchez scoring some great waves to show off his impressive one-handed cutbacks and […]