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Pistol River Wave Bash Action Video

Pistola Rivero Onda Batego Aga Video

[ 0 ] Junio 18, 2014

Check out all the highlights of the Pistol River Wave Bash, including some epic sailing at Cape Sebastian and The Rock. The wave bash saw some of the best action ever for a West Coast windsurfing event. Killer winds and killer waves. Enjoy some incredible windsurfing from the AWT. Pistol River Wave Bash from American […]

Levi Siver wins at the 2014 AWT Pistol River Wave Bash

Levi Siver gajnoj ĉe la 2014 AWTa Pistolo Rivera Ondo Batego

[ 0 ] Junio 15, 2014

Day three at the 2014 AWT Pistol River Wave Bash will go down as one of the most impressive contest days the US west coast has ever seen. The action across all divisions was intense and fiercely competitive with the wind gusting over 30-knots and sets rolling in constantly in the head-to-logo-high range. Ĝi estis […]

Day Two Goes Off at the AWT Pistol River Wave Bash

Tage Du Iras Ekstere ĉe la AWTa Pistola Rivera Ondo Batego

[ 0 ] Junio 14, 2014

At the beginning of day two at the 2014 Pistol River Wave bash we knew we had waves, consistent head-to-logo-high sets, but the question was how much wind would we get? The contest started with youth and amateur heats at Pistol River in light and gusty conditions. Competitors battled for waves with many being rewarded […]

Quick Clip by AWT Rider Morgan Noireaux

Rapida Tranĉeto de AWTa Rajdanto Morgan Noireaux

[ 0 ] Julio 22, 2013

Kontroli Morgan #?iri kelkajn malgrandajn ondojn #?e Kabo Sebastian, Dum lia vizito al Oregono por la Pistola Rivera Onda Batego. #Kondi?o weren?? Epopeo, Sed li administris fari ?in rigardi #sufi?e bonan.