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Catching up With Levi Siver

Catching up With Levi Siver

[ 0 ] 七月 16, 2014

AWT – Pacasmayo Classic 2014 The Pacasmayo Classic is like no other on the American Windsurfing Tour. Being our only stop outside of North America, it is a gateway to a whole new world of windsurfing. The Pacasmayo Classic is an opportunity for riders based in South America to highlight their talents, and for traveling […]

Pacasmayo Classic Coming Soon

Pacasmayo Classic Coming Soon

[ 0 ] 七月 14, 2014

The 3rd stop on this year’s Tour is coming up fast. The Pacasmayo Classic located in Pacasmayo Peru kicks off August 3rd, and condition permitting, will be a spectacular event. Pacasmayo boasts some of the longest, most rippable waves around. Here is a little preview clip, posted by Alex Vargas talking about what you should […]

Day 4 Pacasmayo Classic

天 4 pacasmayo經典

[ 0 ] 八月 29, 2013

只用一個左航行的熱量, 儘管光風和減少膨脹, 我們有豪華採摘最好的可能的時候,打電話給熱. 我們會見了早期檢查的條件,並在抱多大的一天. 英格麗和凱文駛出檢查和評估後的狀態 […]

Day 3 Pacasmayo Classic

天 3 pacasmayo經典

[ 0 ] 八月 27, 2013

另一個日比賽中看到大師和業餘輪完成. 條件是再次非常好. 波略小於昨日, 但還是給了很多機會清理上下行騎. 裁判長克里斯·弗里曼選擇貫穿業餘支架,第一. 業餘興奮地 […]