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Luokka: Pacasmayo Classic

More Action on Day 8

More Action on Day 8

[ 0 ] Elokuu 25, 2012

Päivä 8: After finishing the SUP and Kiting, windsurfers hit the water around 3pm to continue with the double elimination at the point. Although the wind was lighter, waves were cleaner and longer than the day before. Sailers were catching epic rides and 6 20 minuet heats were competed before the sun set once more […]

Single Elimination Complete

Yksittäinen eliminaatio Complete

[ 0 ] Elokuu 23, 2012

Camille Junban voittaa miesten yksittäinen eliminaatio. Kahden off-päivää purjelautailuun kilpailun Perussa, päivä 7 ja Pacasmayo Classic käynnistyi kevyt tuuli ja pienet aallot. Se ei näyttänyt kovin lupaavalta ajaa lämmittää. Oli miesten SUP kilpailu pisteessä aamulla. Sitten 2:00 the wind […]

Day 2 Pacasmayo Classic

Päivä 2 Pacasmayo Classic

[ 0 ] Elokuu 20, 2012

The women kicked off day 2, running heats with solid head to logo high sets. Tatiana Howard from Maui won first, followed by Miho Tanaka from Japan in second, Katie McAnena from Ireland in third, Sam Bittner from Maui in fourth, and Carolina Butrich from Peru in fifth. Tatiana Howard winsWater Woman” ja […]

Day 1 Pacasmayo Classic

Päivä 1 Pacasmayo Classic

[ 0 ] Elokuu 18, 2012

Opening ceremonies kicked off the Pacasmayo Classic with dancing and traditional Peruvian Pisco drinks. Even the Mayor of Pacasmayo was present to support the event. There are 16 countries represented between 35 riders. Today the windsurfing contest started at 2pm. The first round of men and one heat of the second round were completed. Mast […]