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Day 4 Pacasmayo Classic

天 4 pacasmayo经典

[ 0 ] 八月 29, 2013

只用一个左航行的热量, 尽管光风和减少膨胀, 我们有豪华采摘最好的可能的时候,打电话给热. 我们会见了早期检查的条件,并在抱多大的一天. 英格丽和凯文驶出检查和评估后的状态 […]

Day 3 Pacasmayo Classic

天 3 pacasmayo经典

[ 0 ] 八月 27, 2013

另一个日比赛中看到大师和业余轮完成. 条件是再次非常好. 波略小于昨日, 但还是给了很多机会清理上下行骑. 裁判长克里斯·弗里曼选择贯穿业余支架,第一. 业余兴奋地 […]

Day 2 Pacasmayo Classic

天 2 pacasmayo经典

[ 0 ] 八月 26, 2013

多么美好的一天! Today was the day for the pros. We started early and ended late. Conditions offered up strong winds, long peeling lefts, and plenty of action for the spectators to watch. Waves were overhead and most riders were using 4.7 和 5.0 meter sails. The first heats were run in light offshore wind, […]

Day 1 Pacasmayo Classic

天 1 pacasmayo经典

[ 0 ] 八月 25, 2013

天 1 started off with good news. Makael Buhon, who was pulled from the water in serious condition yesterday, is recovering in a nearby hospital. It is not yet known what caused the accident, but without the swift action of his fellow competitors and the El Faro staff to bring him to safety, we may […]