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Day 4 Pacasmayo Classic

Nap 4 Pacasmayo Classic

[ 0 ] Augusztus 29, 2013

With just one heat left to sail, despite light winds and a diminishing swell, we had the luxury of picking the best possible moment to call the heat. We met early to check the conditions and were on hold much of the day. Ingrid and Kevin sailed out to check and evaluate the conditions after […]

Day 3 Pacasmayo Classic

Nap 3 Pacasmayo Classic

[ 0 ] Augusztus 27, 2013

Another day of competition saw the completion of the Masters and Amateur rounds. Conditions were once again very good. Waves were a little smaller than yesterday, but still gave plenty of opportunity for clean down the line riding. Head Judge Chris Freeman opted to run through the Amateur bracket first. The Amateurs were excited to […]

Day 2 Pacasmayo Classic

Nap 2 Pacasmayo Classic

[ 0 ] Augusztus 26, 2013

Micsoda nap! Today was the day for the pros. We started early and ended late. Conditions offered up strong winds, long peeling lefts, and plenty of action for the spectators to watch. Waves were overhead and most riders were using 4.7 és 5.0 meter sails. The first heats were run in light offshore wind, […]

Day 1 Pacasmayo Classic

Nap 1 Pacasmayo Classic

[ 0 ] Augusztus 25, 2013

Nap 1 kezdte jó hír. Makael Buhon, aki kihúzta a vízből súlyos állapotban tegnap, kezd helyreállni egy közeli kórházba. Egyelőre nem tudni, hogy mi okozta a balesetet, de anélkül, hogy a gyors cselekvés a társait versenytársak és az El Faro személyzet, hogy őt a biztonsági, we may […]