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Catégorie: Pacasmayo classique

Day 4 Pacasmayo Classic

Jour 4 Pacasmayo classique

[ 0 ] Août 29, 2013

With just one heat left to sail, despite light winds and a diminishing swell, we had the luxury of picking the best possible moment to call the heat. We met early to check the conditions and were on hold much of the day. Ingrid and Kevin sailed out to check and evaluate the conditions after […]

Day 3 Pacasmayo Classic

Jour 3 Pacasmayo classique

[ 0 ] Août 27, 2013

Another day of competition saw the completion of the Masters and Amateur rounds. Conditions were once again very good. Waves were a little smaller than yesterday, but still gave plenty of opportunity for clean down the line riding. Head Judge Chris Freeman opted to run through the Amateur bracket first. The Amateurs were excited to […]

Day 2 Pacasmayo Classic

Jour 2 Pacasmayo classique

[ 0 ] Août 26, 2013

Quelle journée! Aujourd'hui était le jour pour les pros. Nous avons commencé tôt et fini tard. Conditions offerts jusqu'à des vents forts, longues gauches pelage, et beaucoup d'action pour les spectateurs à regarder. Les vagues étaient frais généraux et la plupart des coureurs ont utilisé 4.7 et 5.0 voiles de compteurs. La première chaleurs ont été organisés en éolien offshore lumière, […]

Day 1 Pacasmayo Classic

Jour 1 Pacasmayo classique

[ 0 ] Août 25, 2013

Jour 1 started off with good news. Makael Buhon, who was pulled from the water in serious condition yesterday, is recovering in a nearby hospital. It is not yet known what caused the accident, but without the swift action of his fellow competitors and the El Faro staff to bring him to safety, we may […]