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AWT Hatteras Wave Jam: Day 3

AWT哈特拉斯波果酱: 天 3

[ 0 ] 九月 15, 2012

看起来前途无量早澡堂网站. 妇女打的水先有13分钟的热量,两波计数. 菲奥娜怀尔迪险胜田中美穗, 英格丽拉鲁什和山姆BITTNER的的捕捉一些长途骑行. 不幸的是,投掷比赛现场,最多的一天有雨的天气迅速恶化. […]

SUP Sailing rules Day 2 at the AWT Hatteras Wave Jam

SUP航行规则日 2 在AWT的哈特拉斯波果酱

[ 0 ] 九月 14, 2012

这次比赛是在沐浴室网站, 南部的镇弗里斯科, 第二天的比赛. 再一次风过轻的任何加热但这并没有使美国滑浪风帆巡回演出过的水. 首先登场的是一个有趣的四支球队继电器竞争对手有游泳的地方, sail […]

AWT Hatteras Wave Jam: Day 1

AWT哈特拉斯波果酱: 天 1

[ 0 ] 九月 13, 2012

Day one of the 2012 AWT Hatteras Wave Jam began with side-on conditions at Ramp 30 located just north of Avon, 北卡罗莱纳州. A talented youth heat was sent out to test the light-ish 10-15 knot winds and sizeable pounding waves and the heat had to be abandoned due to not quite enough wind. Conditions […]

Hatteras Wave Jam Set to Begin

Hatteras Wave Jam Set to Begin

[ 0 ] 九月 12, 2012

UPDATE: Head Judge Andy McKinney called the contest for the day. Expression Session now at the old Lighthouse. See you there. Party tonight at Wind NC. Conditions permitting, “ 2012 Hatteras Wave Jam will begin today. We are going to run at Ramp 30, 4 miles north of Avon. Next announcement will be on the […]