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Settling in at the Starboard Hatteras Wave Jam

Settling in at the Starboard Hatteras Wave Jam

[ 0 ] 九月 16, 2014

天 1 of the holding period for the 2014 Hatteras Wave Jam didn’t provide much in the way of windsurfing conditions, so the contest was called off for the day at first light. With minimal wind and no waves, many competitors took the time to play tourist for the day. We drove to the southern […]

Hatteras Fires Up

Hatteras Fires Up

[ 0 ] 八月 29, 2014

“ 2014 edition of the Hatteras Wave Jam is just around the corner. Local rider Keith McCulloch, scored a great session recently. Check out the photos below, and let’s hope we get some similar conditions. Mid september is prime time for a good hurricane swell, and winds are also consistent. If you haven’t booked your […]

AWT Hatteras Wave Jam Video


[ 0 ] 九月 23, 2013

随着竞争的加剧完成后,两个固体天风吹浪打在一个美丽的哈特拉斯海滩, 竞争对手现在有时间休息, 放松和享受风景. 风停了,但膨胀住在一个合理的规模… 完美一些SUP和上网冲浪的乐趣. 订约方本星期访问所有赞助 […]

Hatteras Wave Jam Complete


[ 0 ] 九月 19, 2013

预测应验了的 2013 ATW的哈特拉斯波果酱两个固体天完成所有部门的竞争. AWT评分系统还清所有的竞争对手都允许有第二次机会,如果他们在第一轮搞砸鼓励车手限制其真正推动 […]