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دسته: Hatteras موج جم

Settling in at the Starboard Hatteras Wave Jam

Settling in at the Starboard Hatteras Wave Jam

[ 0 ] سپتامبر 16, 2014

روز 1 of the holding period for the 2014 Hatteras Wave Jam didn’t provide much in the way of windsurfing conditions, so the contest was called off for the day at first light. With minimal wind and no waves, many competitors took the time to play tourist for the day. We drove to the southern […]

Hatteras Fires Up

Hatteras Fires Up

[ 0 ] اوت 29, 2014

The 2014 edition of the Hatteras Wave Jam is just around the corner. Local rider Keith McCulloch, scored a great session recently. Check out the photos below, and let’s hope we get some similar conditions. Mid september is prime time for a good hurricane swell, and winds are also consistent. If you haven’t booked your […]

AWT Hatteras Wave Jam Video

AWT موج Hatteras جم ویدیو

[ 0 ] سپتامبر 23, 2013

با رقابت انجام می شود پس از دو روز جامد از باد و امواج در ساحل زیبا Hatteras, رقبای در حال حاضر در زمان حال به استراحت, همواره حالت آرامش و دلی آرام داشته باشید و خیس خوردن در مناظر. باد کاهش یافته است، اما متورم باقی ماند در اندازه مناسب… مناسب برای برخی از SUP و سرگرم کننده گشت و گذار. احزاب در این هفته از جمله بازدید از تمام حمایت […]

Hatteras Wave Jam Complete

Hatteras جم موج کامل

[ 0 ] سپتامبر 19, 2013

The forecast came true for the 2013 ATW Hatteras Wave Jam as two solid days of competition allowed for the completion of all divisions. The AWT scoring system paid off as all competitors are allowed a second chance if they mess up in the first round encouraging riders to really push the limits of their […]